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Our Mission Statement

Disco Amigos is a social aid and pleasure club founded in New Orleans and dedicated to the celebration of the dance, music, and culture of the Disco era. Our mission is to foster an inclusive, respectful, and caring environment for members to create, produce, and share performances inspired by Disco.

Our Strategies

    1. Offer class-like environments to learn dance and Disco steps and routines.
    2. Perform in events and productions that bring joy to ourselves and others.
    3. Produce Disco themed events and projects to showcase the creative talent of our members.
    4. Support charitable efforts sponsored by local non-profits, businesses, and the creative community.
    5. Provide opportunities for members to socialize and develop a supportive community.

Our Core Values

    1. Creativity -  We inspire creativity in ourselves and others.
    2. Caring -    We care about our organization, our community, and each other.
    3. Celebration -  We have fun through the celebration of Disco.
    4. Inclusivity - We welcome everyone.
    5. Respect - We respect each other and our community. 
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